We are also Famous for...

Famous for beer...... Pretty strong claim. But we try to showcase South Australia's BEST boutique and handcrafted brews from micro-brewers all over our State, and we believe that we are the ONLY establishment to do that for South Australia. Yep, a STRONG CLAIM. But try us!!

Budget Priced Well Stocked Bar
Try us... no club, pub or restaraunt prices here!!!

Beer Club
Unfortunately, we cannot claim this one, but we are host to the famous Mrs Jenkins Beer Club, who have been meeting every month for over 6 years, and it's just another thing WE DO that is different.

Kitchen Recipes
Sounds pretty tame, doesn't it? - NOT - this is something that you MUST look at while staying at Blue Galah. Some are fabulous tasting, others are cheap as for travelling tastes and others, are well just pretty darn EXCITING !!!!! ................... and fabulous South Australians HAVE contributed... it's just GREAT.

Free Rice
Might sound a bit corny to some, fantastic to others, but its FREE, easy to cook with, nutritious and lots of recipes and did we mention its quick, easy and FREE.

At Blue Galah we do think outside the circle 'sometimes'..... and we are looking to do more. You got an idea? Share it with us. Ok!

Adelaide Facts

Adelaide receives 2,500 hours of sunshine per year and an annual rainfall of 520mm.

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Famous for Other Things - Blue Galah International Backpackers Hostel & Travel

Famous for other things, Blue Galah International Backpackers Hostel & Travel