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Absolute central location, and ease of accessibility to almost everything is high on Blue Galah's offers. Our Three and a half star Hostel accommodation rating, ensures that you have....
.... a comfortable stay in a modern, well facilitated and secure environment.

Please check our Standard Guest Offers List to find out everything Blue Galah offers as 'normal' to all our guests, including all of our groups at no extra charge.

We specialise in group accommodation, and supply advice and direction with regard to a range of logistical issues that groups often need help with. For example, these may be food, transport, specific places or events or even things like medical, pharmaceutical or just where the best coffee is. Check out Getting to the Blue Galah and Location is everything to see how well we can assist your group.

Our own on-staff Event manager is central to all group business, and this together with our enthusiastic staff make sure that groups get the assistance that the deserve at Blue Galah.

Special Notes for Groups:

It is our policy at Blue Galah, that rooms set aside for Group Bookings ONLY accommodate persons in your group. We are also mindful that some groups may require specific rooms for group leaders, bus drivers support personnel or even parents accompanying the group. We are particularly aware of supervisory requirements from some groups and are happy to work with everyone as close as possible to achieve special requests.

Blue Galah also pays considerable attention in areas such as safety, security and risk management, being proactive to attain and maintain high standards in these areas, with forward planning and constant checking.

We are well equipped with modern fire and safety systems, which are closely monitored and well maintained by independent agencies, contracted to monitor and maintain strict Government and Council standards.

Any and all enquiries for group bookings should be directed to our Business Development & Operations Department where one of our Event Managers will work directly with you with regard as to your questions and a quotation.

All enquiries can be made to directly to the Hostel on (08) 8231 9295 or

Our general Group Accommodation Quotation Form is also the first step of an enquiry if you so wish.

We hope that the experience at Blue Galah will be an excellent one, and we look forward to your company.

Kind regards,
The Staff of the Blue Galah International Hostel

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Adelaide was founded in 1836 as the planned capital for the only freely settled British province in Australia.

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